Termites, or White Ants as they are often called, are widespread throughout our region. They can cause extensive damage to your property without you even knowing it.

One in Three properties will experience Termite problems in their lifetime, and most Insurance Companies do not cover Termite Damage.

Annual Termite Inspections are recommended for Residential, Commercial and Rural Properties. Prevention is better than a Cure.

Chris at Quick Kill Pest Control is a Timber Pest Inspector licensed for both NSW and Victoria he can provide a thorough Termite Inspection of your property, this includes an Australian Standard written Report.

If Termites are discovered on your property we will discuss with you the treatment options, explain control methods and costs associated.

Termite Treatments - Quick Kill Pest Control

Servicing residential, commercial and rural areas.

If you have termites - Keep calm and contact Quick Kill Pest Control.

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